Kaima & Usva, May 24, 2024


Kaima  is a four-member jazz band from Helsinki.
The expressive members, of the band founded in spring 2020,
together forms a breathable wholeness.
Kaima plays their own strongly melodic compositions,
which paints landscapes of nature and mind.
Kaima will release their second album in the spring 2024.

Sakurako Ishiyama – alto saxophone
Sonja Kaipainen – piano
Aaron Koskelainen – bass
Johan Dahlbo – drums


USVA is a duo of two professional musicians from Helsinki. The group consists of singer Jenny Jalkanen and singer-pianist Helmi Antila.

Founded in early 2023, the duo writes relatable Finnish-language music with pop, R&B and jazz nuances. The songs discuss e.g. themes of youth, emotions and relationships.

The band’s main passion, playing with singing voice and harmony, is at the center of the band’s own production. Usva’s debut EP “Runoja ja sanoja” will be released on March 1st 2024.

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