Espoon Kirjailijat ry invites you to join a multidisciplinary and participatory event filled with poetry on Friday, August 25th at 7–10 PM!

The event will combine stage poetry, dance, music and sound art from different cultural backgrounds. The public will also have a chance to speak out with their own texts, as there will be an open mic after the performances.

The event will feature a number of great artists. Percussionist and musician Adama Kone from Burkina Faso will play balaphone and drums, among other instruments, to which dancer Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna will create perform emancipation with her body. Riitta O, a sensitive yet powerful poet who has performed on many stages, will perform her stage poetry. Sound artist and musician Mikko H. Haapoja, who has just released his debut album, will also play the hornpipe and bring soundscapes he recorded in Nuuksio to Kupla to celebrate Espoo’s anniversary.

The main focus of the club is, as the name suggests, the open mic section. Microphone is open for 5 minutes at a time per person. You can perform your own lyrics in front of the audience by registering by sending an email with the title “Haapa Open Mic” to kasper@kaspersalonen.com. The first 10 registrants will have the opportunity to share their word, and there will also be an opportunity for five people to sign up for an open mic on the spot.

The evening will also include a verse-by-verse cadavre exquis chorus written together. Part of the text will be hidden from view on each turn, creating a surreal soup of words.

Welcome to word art, rhythm worlds and historical trances!

  • Haapa Open Mic is created and produced by Kasper Salonen, a spoken word veteran and a member of  Espoon Kirjailijat ry.
    Salonen will also host the event. 

    The aim of the event is to give all the participants a chance to bloom and combine their roots into one large, growing tree. 

    Espoon Kirjailijat is an association promoting Espoo-based authors and literature. The association also organizes events and creates networks in the field. 

    Kasper Salonen