Alakulttuuriaukio 10.8.2024: Terveet Kädet, Ydinperhe, Maria Makaaberi, Aivolävistys and Saa kiljua

Subculture (alakulttuuri) takes over Tapiola’s Kulttuuriaukio, when a wide range of legends of Finnish alternative music, the most peculiar artists and rising names get on the stage. The event, organized for the first time in 2023, will take place four times this summer: 1.6., 29.6., 13.7. and 10.8.

Alakulttuuriaukio is open to everyone and free of charge. The events are organized next to Tapiola’s new event venue Kupla and its terrace. A wide selection of drinks from local breweries and small producers is on sale. Event time 16:00 – 23:00. Happy Hour 16 – 18, all drinks -20%.

Alakulttuuriaukio events are organized by an event venue Kupla and Helsinki Urban Art.


Saa kiljua
“Saa kiljua” is a musical playground where melodic punk never dies and rock is always at its best. The lyrics of the band range from beer drinking to depression and from current politics to absurd stories. With its energetic rampage, “Saa kiljua” grabs the listener by the collar, and after the gig, everyone in the audience is guaranteed to be wide awake.

Aivolävistys is a Finnish hardcore punk band that was formed in 1998 in the town of Laukaa. The band lyrics are very politically themed and they mainly revolve around issues such as animal rights, racism and war. The hectic and vigorous Finnish punk is adorned with hoarse vocals, with melodic riffs sprinkled here and there balancing out the chaos.

Maria Makaaberi
Maria Makaaberi offers alternative rock illustrated by a millennial’s unconventional and honest mindset. The band’s style ranges from raging guitar riffs to endearing melodies and from intricate layering to straightforward punk rock.

Ydinperhe is a DIY hardcore punk band, that has made music for over 16 years already. Ydinperhe combines the traditional roots of hardcore punk from the US to a socially conscious and critical lyricism and mischievous, quirky humor.

Terveet Kädet
Terveet Kädet (“TK”) is Finland’s first hardcore punk band and unquestionably the most famous Finnish punk band of all time. Terveet Kädet are best known for their straightforward, often only 30-second-long songs from the early 1980s. The band has achieved cult status in the worldwide HC punk scene. The band, led by Läjä Äijällä, stopped performing in 2016 after nearly forty years in the industry, but had a long-awaited comeback last year with the album “Kaikki kaikkia vastaan” (Everyone against everyone).


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