27.4 Ray Zambino – The man. Myth and Legend

★ Over 1.5M views on social media
★ Opener for ISMO, T.J. MIller, Jukka Lindström
★ Resident MC for the Comedy Store in Finland

Ray Zambino is a Finnish-Scottish stand-up comedian who moved to Finland 10 years ago. It didn’t take long before the Finns accepted and loved him. Ray may have originally moved to Finland for the boring cliche of love, however, once he was here you couldn’t make him leave, especially after the discovery of lonkero.

Now it’s finally time for his own comedy show! The man. Myth & Legend is a show about Scottish mythology, Finnish mythology, and a third thing that you’ll have to come see the show to find out what it is!
Ray’s comedy involves silly one-liners, the cultural observations of a stranger in a strange land, and just the occasional horrible attempt to speak Finnish.

Just because this show is in English, doesn’t mean it’s not for you Finnish people! Ray spends his time trying to figure out what exactly is the deal with Finnish people anyway? There’s a lot in the show about how weird you and your country are. You love that stuff! How much of the Kalevala do you really remember? What is a Finnish class really like? How DO I like living here? All these questions answered and more!

Ray has understood Finnish humour so well that as well as writing for the BBC he has written on Finnish TV shows like Putous, Sivuhistoria, and Stadi Vs Lande. He has performed all over Finland, the UK, and the Nordics. You might have seen him on Nelosen Stand Up or POSSE. You might even recognise him from that one clip about learning Finnish on Youtube that has over one and a half million views.

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