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VOI RAKKAUS! -monologues January 19th- January 25th, 2024

Voi Rakkaus! is a humorous monologue performance that pulls the viewer into the depths of love troubles of six different people. The viewer gets to take a look from multiple different perspectives at the problem that perplexes all of us – love. 

The performance is based on writings of Maria Jotuni, a Finnish author. Although her texts have been written decades ago, they still resonate with us; Jotuni has a talent of portraying the inner worlds of human beings.

Director, dramaturgy Soile Rusanen

Performance by Pirre Toikkanen

    January 19th at 7 PM, premiere
    January 20th at 5 PM
    January 21st at 5 PM
    January 24th at 7 PM
    January 25th at 7 PM

    Duration appx. 1 hour. 
  • 25 €/ 20€ @ Holvi.com