Tiikerin vuosi + hannaeerika + MANNY

Tiikerin vuosi plays the second concert of their series, entitled “Acoustic night”, in Kupla.

The concerts offer a down-to-earth coverage of the band’s songs with a new line-up. Rhythmed by music, they tell the story of the birth of Tiikerin vuosi, their identity and the songwriting process. 


Tiikerin vuosi is a Finnish rock band from Tapiola. The band’s sound is a mix of soft longing rock and country dust from the highways of America. The traditionally decorative lyrics of the songs are attached to the music with the core threads of majestic guitar solos, knitting a variegated sweater of joy, longing and beauty.

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hannaeerika is a songwriter whose music combines play and sensitivity. “For me the most important thing a songwriter can do is write about what is honest for them.” The first single from the artist’s debut album was published in May and more is coming. “en saa unta” is a song on crushes and giving up control. In Kupla hannaeerika plays solo, bringing the songs and lyrics directly to skin.



Helsinki-based artist and producer MANNY writes and plays grooving pop- and R&B music. Inspired by Stevie Wonder and Swedish pop music, in his lyrics the young musician reflects the diverse world of relationships and moves everyone listening, both physically and mentally.