Kumma 23.3.2024

Odd things will take place in Kupla on March 23, 2024!

Kumma (eng. odd, weird) is a new intimate festival that combines the most interesting indie music of the moment and other weirdness. The event will be held for the first time on Sat March 23rd in Kupla, an event space converted into a former bank hall, located in Tapiola.

Sir Liselot, Maa ilmasta, Babel, Sepikka and Pambikallio take care of the music of the event.

HOX! Maa Ilmasta has had to cancel their festival performance due to illness, so the line-up will be completed with the amazing Rohkeat kuvat!

Sir Liselot is a DIY knight and music fan who experiments with different sounds and styles without prejudice. Sir Liselot does not settle for familiar formulas, but serves continuous surprises both on record and live. 

Rohkeat kuvat is a story about nerds playing rock. After their two acclaimed studio albums in Helsinki, the impressive indie band returns to their roots in the garage. In addition to the garage, the record’s locations include 1970s New York and 2000s indie discos. So Rohkeat kuvat is, as usual, in the wrong place at the wrong time, but still lovable. The band, that has toured numerous stages in the recent years, sounds at least as good live as it does on their records. The full-length album Jätä mut tähän, which will be released in the spring, is at its core a band album that presents Rohkeat kuvat at its most energetic.

Babel is ethereal pop music and heavenly synergy. As if bound by some mystical force, Karin Mäkiranta and Mikko Pykäri joined forces culminating in a harmonious and soothing Babel. Helsinki-based Pykäri, known from the bands Regina and Shine 2009, is one of Finland’s most internationally renowned pop music visionaries and producers, while Mäkiranta’s indie band Karina was nominated for the best album of the year in the Nordics for their debut. 

Sepikka’s artist name hides Joni Seppänen, who received numerous awards and nominations with their debut album released in 2021. In the artist’s distinctive world, we identify with animals, praise friendship and make perceptive observations about people and our time. Sepikka will release his long-awaited second album in February.

Pambikallio has charmed with their Finnish psychedelic pop right from their first releases. The band burst into the indie sky in 2022 and has grown from the duo formed by Pauliina Koivusaari and Lauri Kallio into a sparkling live band of five. Around Pambikallio’s hazy and glittering dreampop backbone, have grown delightfully swinging, purposefully buzzing and psychedelic magical limbs. The end result is universally sovereign.



Ester Nuori Leppä presents “Saanko olla olemassa” (eng. “May I exist”), a demo of the upcoming performance that deals with the poet’s messy finances, full-time entrepreneurship and battles with the Employment Office and Kela.
The war that started two years ago continues and 2,200 euros are left to be paid. What is really going on? You’ll find out.
Content warning: emotions, reports, papers, bureaucracy, mental health problems
The performance is scripted by the poet Ester Nuori Leppä, who also appears in the work themself.

Kumma Sat March 23 from 17:00 to 02:00. K-18. All of Kumma’s drink and food are vegan. The event’s main hall is accessible.

  • 17.00 DOORS
    18.00 Sir Liselot
    19.15 Rohkeat kuvat
    20.20 Ester Nuori Leppä
    20.45 Babel
    22.00 Sepikka
    23.30 Pambikallio

  • Early bird €25 

    Normal €30 

    Tickets @ Biletti

    At the door 35€, if left

    Cloakroom fee 2,5€