Kolorado, Nättinassut and Eteläranta

Kolorado, Nättinassut ja Eteläranta in Tapiola’s Kupla on Saturday 4th of May!
KOLORADO brings 80s AOR into the modern era and does it in Finnish! Influences to their energetic, positive, and downright shamelessly major-key rock have been drawn from the music of Survivor, Toto, and Pave Maijanen, to name a few. The Helsinki-based band, consisting of experienced musicians, has recently expanded to a 7-member group with the addition of two backing vocalists. Colorado will release their debut album in May 2024.

NÄTTINASSUT is a six-member band whose style is machine-flavored rock-pop. In the band’s lifelike songs, the entirety of humanity is heard. Originating from Helsinki, the band has gained praise for their powerful live performances and music that breaks genre boundaries.

ETELÄRANTA is a seven-member duo, centered around lyricist Veera Aivio and composer Juha Sarkkinen. Having grown up with guitar sounds from the late 90s and matured in the pop aesthetics of the 60s, the duo paints catchy pop melodies with respect for the old and in search of the new. Described as a pop-rock-folk-country-and-punk band, Eteläranta is known for their exuberant live performances where there’s no holding back.
  • 19:00 Doors
    20:00 Eteläranta
    21:00 Kolorado
    22:00 Nättinassut 

  • Tickets in advance from Biletti.fi, 7.5€
    At the door 9€
    Cloak room fee 2€

    Payments at Kupla only with a card.