Alakulttuuriaukio 1.6.2024: Luukas Oja, Flippipuisto, Likaiset Pikkarit and Pystyyn Kuolleet Hipit

Subculture (alakulttuuri) takes over Tapiola’s Kulttuuriaukio, when a wide range of legends of Finnish alternative music, the most peculiar artists and rising names get on the stage. The event, organized for the first time in 2023, will take place four times this summer: 1.6., 29.6., 13.7. and 10.8.

Alakulttuuriaukio events are organized by an event venue Kupla and Helsinki Urban Art.

1.6. Facebook event

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On Saturday 29.6.2024:
Asa, Petos, Adikia, Paatti & Pavel ja Los Espoo

On Saturday 13.7.2024:
Stoned Statues, Grillijono K.O., Verikalpa ja Shereign

On Saturday 10.8.2024:
Terveet Kädet, Ydinperhe, Maria Makaaberi, Aivolävistys ja Saa kiljua

Alakulttuuriaukio is open to everyone and free of charge. The events are organized next to Tapiola’s new event venue Kupla and its terrace. A wide selection of drinks from local breweries and small producers is on sale. Event time 17:00 – 23:00.


Luukas Oja
Luukas Oja is paving a way for a new generation of Finnish rock and is known for their energetic performances, catchy choruses, and outspoken lyrics. Luukas Oja is a fusion of spirited energy, skilled musicianship and unpredictability. The band’s intense live shows have captivated audiences and critics alike across Finland, from club gigs to festival stages.

Flippipuisto, a four-member band from Helsinki established in 2014, is a punk rock band with a diverse musical catalog. In the early stages of their career, the band’s sound was heavily influenced by skate punk, spoken vocals, and various elements familiar from the 90s, but now their style has shifted towards more traditional rock. An urge to dance guaranteed as Flippipuisto’s lively and straightforward songs echo in the summer evening.

Likaiset Pikkarit
Likaiset Pikkarit is a band from Helsinki that stands out from afar. The band’s music is a refreshing blend of punk and pop, with elements of lively and sometimes even ferocious rock. The band charges forward, races, and occasionally pauses to reflect at the right moment. The mental landscape of the band is a mixture of carefree joviality and bitter melancholy, which the band interprets intensely on stage.

Pystyyn Kuolleet Hipit
Pystyyn Kuolleet Hipit is a band founded in 2013 in Pispala, Tampere. The band blends punk, rap, and nu-metal, and has become particularly known for its unique and energetic performances as well as its original musical style. The band, oozing with stage charisma, has released three albums, the latest being “Päästä irti” that came out last year.

    21.45 LUUKAS OJA

    The event end at 23:00.

  • Free entry!