Rock, groove and boundary-breaking distortions with the power of three bands!

Anton Haring is a pop/rock artist from Helsinki, whose music is unique and influences from several different genres. The songs are characterized by catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics. The artist’s latest album “Pilvilinna” was released in September 2023. Haring performs live with his band.

Helsinki Panic is an alternative rock band from Helsinki. The band’s sound is distorted, powerful and breaking boundaries. The band’s publishing history includes an EP record and several singles, the most recent of which the double single ”Jonkun täytyy lähteä ensin (= Someone must go first) / Entropiaa” was released in June 2023.

“We are Second Step. A group of four dudes skilled in groove and melody. Our band plays our own songs which we take influences from many genres, e.g. rock, grunge and soul. Our line-up consists of two guitars, vocals, drums, bass.”

Facebook event

  • 19:00 doors
    20:00 Second Step
    21:00 Helsinki Panic
    22:00 Anton Haring

  • Tickets at the door 5 €